Posted by on June 6, 2018

The news is all positive:

1. Investigation has determined that the rumor of the need for a maximum area of covered space in the City Park was unsubstantiated.

2. The City Council will place on the November 2018 ballot a City Charter amendment that states the City will not be responsible for operations or maintenance costs of a swimming pool in Bandon. If approved, this will relieve the apprehensions of some in the community that the pool could not cover costs with its projected income.

3. Further on this subject, the Bandon Aquatic Center has been named, in a will, as recipient of $2,500,000; the Aquatic Center Board sees this as a reserve fund in the future to cover unanticipated costs and expenses of the pool. A stipulation of the will, however, is that the pool be located in the Bandon City Park as it now stands, and not located on land that would be incorporated into the park in the future. While these funds will not be available for construction, they would serve as insurance for the future should the pool unexpectedly need additional funds.

4. Discussions with the City officials continue to determine the best location for the pool.

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