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This past year was a transition year for the Bandon Aquatic Center.  With the City of Bandon deciding not to allow the use of City Park property for a pool, the Board revisited its current options, created and approved a new strategic plan focused on 1) revisiting the pool scope and vision; 2) creating a fund raising infrastructure; 3) exploring community partnerships and 4) raising funds through large gifts from individuals.

Other key accomplishments for the year include:

Three board members have rotated off – Rick Jackson, Tracy Hirshman and Bart Taylor.  We thank them for their many years of board service.  Six board members are returning – Bill Gombeski, Colleen Welch, Danielle Smith,  Nalia Brewster, Marilyn Oberbeck, and Kathy Peterson.   A new board member,  Astrid Diepenbroek has joined the team.

Moving from monthly to bimonthly meetings to improve productivity

New estimate for pool construction of $4M received

Began partner discussions with local church, hotel, and other community organizations

Explored options to sell or utilize current 10 acres

Recruited part time administrative assistant – Dustin Michalek began work in April.

Partnered with Oregon State University to apply new Gorse treatment to 10 acre land

Conducted fall fund raising dinner at Cranberry Festival raising approximately $2000

Expanded face book coverage and added financial information to website

Began the year at $201,461.08  in cash and land valued at $250K; ended the year with $199,421.60 in cash and land valued at $250K.

Coming year:

Goals for the coming year are to resume regular meetings when safe to do; finalize a community partnership(s), recruit two additional board members; begin calling on individuals for large gifts and explore government funding opportunities.    And updated financial summary will be available on the website by July 15.

If you have ideas for the board, would like to make a gift or help us raise money, or have questions about our work please feel free to contact us on our website or reach out to a board member and we will be happy to respond to your needs.

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