• Act as Chair of the Board and preside at its meetings.
  • Direct and administer the affairs of the Bandon Community Swimming Pool Development Corporation (BCSPDC) as its Chief Executive Officer.
  • Supervise all phases of its activities, subject to the instructions of the board, By-laws and policies adopted by the Board membership.
  • Appoint the chair and members of committees.
  • Be the deciding vote in matters resulting in a tie or split decision.

Vice President:

  • In case the President is absent or disabled, be acting President and acting Chair of the Board.
  • Assist the President in any needed capacity.
  • Be an ex officio member of all committees.


  • Keep a record of all meetings of the Board and of the corporation for seven years.
  • Send minutes of all meetings to Board Members.
  • Preserve the correspondence of the Corporation and conduct that portion allocated by the Board or the President.
  • Maintain the membership list including names, addresses and telephone numbers.


  • Receive, safeguard, disburse and account for all funds of the corporation
  • The accounting shall include an Annual Report to the Board Members at the Annual Meeting
  • Assist the Board in preparation of a proposed budget to be presented at the Annual Meeting.
  • Preserve account records for 7 years.

Members at Large:

  • Assist Board Officers in any or all duties
  • Have full voting privileges