Why can’t the pool be built in the 10 acres bought south of the existing park?


Since the property was purchased, an anonymous donor has made a bequest of $2.5 million on the condition that the pool be located in the City Park.   This money would allow the pool to have a “rainy day” fund for operation costs. In addition, there are infrastructure benefits to having the pool in the park that would lower the costs of construction.


This property is approximately 70% buildable–not wetland as rumored.


A $2.5 million bequest has been offered to the pool committee.  Why is this important?


Since we don’t know when we will receive this money, we intend to set it aside for future expenses.   We can, however, use it to attract matching grants so the pool can be built sooner.


How will construction be funded?   When will it start?


Construction will be funded through grants, fundraisers and potentially the sale of our existing land.   The committee has a grant writer available. However, we cannot start applying for grants until we have a location for construction.   Grant money will determine when groundbreaking can start.


Who will benefit from the pool?


Just as citizens of Bandon benefit from the library, the “Barn” and the Sprague Theater they will benefit from the pool.   Services will be provided for all age groups from children to retired folks. Those with injuries and those who wish to compete.  The board is actively working with local schools and Head Start programs to generate interest in our youth. We also anticipate the creation of 8-10 jobs for Bandon residents.


Will the pool be operated as a private business?


No.   The Bandon Community Swimming Pool Development Corporation will be operated as a 501c3 non-profit with no political or religious affiliations (political statements on our website were not authorized).


How will the pool be financed?


Construction grants and membership fees — there are currently 400 pool supporters in LOOP (Lovers Of Our Pool).  No public funds (taxes) will be used


What about people who can’t afford membership fees?


Private insurers and Medicare Advantage plans can help pay membership fees via the Silver Sneakers programs.   In addition, there are non-profits (for example, the Michael Phelps foundation and Make a Splash USA Swimming) which assist low income children in learn to swim programs.    However, it is unrealistic to pursue those sources of assistance until construction is near completion.


How large will the pool be?

The building will be 10,000 Sq. feet.  The primary pool will be 25 meters x 13 meters (6 lanes, meeting the standards recommended by amatuer swimming associations for competition) with a range of depths for both shallow and deep water activities (diving, scuba training, water polo, lap swimming, etc).   The aquatic therapy/rehabilitation pool will be 10 feet x 20 feet with a water depth of 3-4 feet. The kids pool will be 12 feet x 18 feet