What’s REALLY going on with Bandon’s Swimming Pool?


Where is the money that’s been raised?
Misc incl taxes, admin 37,000
Land, incl purch, maint,surveys 233,000
Insurance 22,000
Architect incl school & new property 79,500
Fundraising 20,000
TOTAL 391,500
On hand/invested:  $200,011

 Why can’t the pool be built on the 10 acres purchased?

The property is build-able.   There are additional infrastructure costs associated with developing the property.

What is the significance of the $2.5M bequest?

In addition to being a reserve maintenance and emergency fund, this bequest will be a strong attraction to grant givers.  This will enable us to build sooner.

Who will benefit from the pool?

Programs have been developed for age groups from toddlers to seniors.   We also anticipate the creation of 8-10 jobs.

Will some people be excluded from the pool because of cost?

There are a variety of programs that can pay to ensure no one is excluded.

How will the pool construction be financed?

Construction grants and fund raising.

How will the costs of maintenance and operation be financed?

Fund raising and grants.   The bequest can be placed in trust to cover unforeseen expenses in the future.

Who will operate the pool?

It will be operated by a paid professional staff and overseen by volunteer members of the Community Swimming Pool Corporation Board.

What is the size of the pool facility?

Approximately 12,000 sq. ft.

Is there a benefit to having the pool in the park rather than on the already owned lot?

The park location would be more economically viable because of its visibility and access.

How do you know if the business plan will work?

The business plan was validated by our independent feasibility study.   We will be reviewing the plan with local business owners.

Why would the city support a private business?

The city often supports non-profits that benefit the community.

The picture of the architect’s concept looks pretty fancy for Bandon.   Do we really need it?

Our objective is to have a facility that is attractive and functional, as are other facilities in the park.

Where in the park would the pool board like to have the pool located?

There are numerous possibilities.  The City would decide.

Are there liability issues for the City if the pool is on City property?

The pool board will pay for required liability insurance

Parks and Recreation Planning meeting minutes (location options see section 5.1)

Feasibility Study